Curious about how the design process works? The particulars vary depending on project type, But here is a general outline of how a project might move:


Scope and Timeline

  • Client and designer talk project scope, cost, goals.
  • Contract is drawn up, signed, and payment schedule is arranged (usually in stages).

Information Gathering

  • What is the client looking for? What is particularly meaningful to the client for this project?
  • Research. Inspiration board. If applicable (for instance, for a packaging solution): Who's the competition? How can we "speak the language", but say it in a more captivating way...and create a story that genuinely highlights the uniqueness of the product?

Sketching, writing, scribbling, circling

  • Brainstorming, brain dump. Get all the awesome (and even not-as-awesome) ideas out on paper
  • Look for connections between ideas

  • Select the best concepts and refine/digitize
  • Present to client, explaining design decisions and connecting them to project goals.

Refining and presenting

  • Discuss revisions and refinements
  • Refine and create: get closer to the solution. Re-present to client.
  • Rinse and repeat

Further refinement

  • Client and designer choose final direction
  • Files are finalized, client gives final approval, final payment is made, and assets are delivered to client or sent to print/made live.

Reaching the goal